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Jeanne Giardino-Zanegood
Another Satisfied Customer

I am not an Angie's list customer but when I compare my driveway and walk to my neighbors....I can't wait to call you in 6 months for the next washing! I'm so proud of my very clean walkways! Thank you!!

Angie’s List Customer
Great review on Angie's list

We called Pressure Plus Services after having a really horrible experience with another pressure washing company. We bought a groupon with the other company, and after they just didn't show up for our scheduled appointment, the other company flat out ignored my calls and texts for several weeks, then when my husband called they tried upcharging him and said that a leave-on mold treatment would cost an additional $600 on top of the groupon, which we declined. All the while the date that we could start painting our house's exterior kept getting pushed further and further back (by almost six weeks in all) toward the miserable, rainy summer months, which would delay it even more. When they finally showed up (several hours late) on our scheduled day, they were rude and told us they were doing us a "favor," then told us to just return the groupon, which I was more than happy to do at that point as I doubted how quality of a job they would do. At this point I was desperate and needed somebody to come out so we could finally get started on painting our house, and after doing a google search for pressure washers in our area, we came across Pressure Plus Services.

I called and left a message, and received a call back within a few minutes. The gentleman I talked to was extremely polite, and I explained what we needed done and the size of our house (it's an l-shaped, one story, textured concrete wall house with about 2500 sf including the garage, and had a lot of peeling paint due to a poor original paint job) and that we were getting it prepped to repaint. He explained they would dig a trench around the whole perimeter of the house so we could paint down below the soil line, pressure wash with a special nozzle head that would get the peeling paint off, and apply a mold treatment that we leave on, then rinse off a few days before we started to paint. For $180. I was incredulous at the low price (keep in mind the other company we hired wanted to charge us $600 just for that same mold treatment), and verified several times that that was, indeed the correct price. He confirmed that it was, and that it might even go down once he saw the job (I knew it wouldn't...it was an awful, messy job we had for him!), and I hired him to come out the following Friday. He was able to come sooner, but that was the earliest date that fit into our schedule.

On our scheduled appointment day, I called shortly before our appointment time to confirm (remember I had a previous no show from the other company? I was a little cautious). Johnny apologized and said he was about to call us to let us know he was on his way because he didn't realize how big Kissimmee was (he was at a job in the eastern Kissimmee/St. Cloud area and we live in western Kissimmee/Four Corners). Even though he was concerned with being late, he still showed up right on time and promptly got to work. He was done within a couple hours, and he was able to get off a lot more of the flaking paint than even he originally thought he would be able to. He was extremely polite and professional, and did an amazing job.

The next day we noticed that two of our house numbers were missing from the siding above the garage door, and we figured they had just been blasted off and were lying in the grass somewhere, but were unable to locate them. I called on Sunday and left a message requesting a call back to see if they had noticed what happened to them, or if they had set them somewhere. I wasn't expecting a call back until business hours on Monday, but I received a call back within a few hours. He hadn't seen what happened to them because of all the paint flakes covering his goggles, but said if we couldn't find them that we could let him know and he would buy us new house numbers because he wanted us to be satisfied. While I really wasn't too concerned about the numbers (they're not that expensive, and I was going to replace them eventually, anyway...so now I have an incentive to do it sooner!) I appreciated his offer and felt that was great customer service.

We would recommend this company to anybody in need of pressure washing services, and plan on hiring them in the future for cleaning and maintenance of our siding, driveway, patios, etc, once we get a little further along in our renovations

mary s

i'm not a member of angie's list. i was surprised at pressure plus prices compared to prices in orlando,they were much less. i called yesterday and they called today and came a couple of hours later and did a great job. will definitely use pressure plus again and will tell my friends

Janet Vazquez

I purchased my deal from LivingSocial and it was truly a deal. Unfortunately, turns out I'm actually too far out of their service area and even though Johnny tried to work with me, I was unable to use my deal. He was very understanding and accommodating: long story short he agreed to refund my cost. No hassle customer service is what we all hope for. I have family in the Davenport/Kissimmee area, and I will make sure they call Johnny next time they need any of his services.

Sky Gianni

Great Service. Very Pleased A++++


Very friendly courteous and professional. He goes out of his way to make sure his clients are completely satisfied and happy. He and his helper had pressure washed my roof and driveway in 45 minutes. His prices are very reasonable . I would definitely be using his services in the future.

Darwin Tan

they been doing it 4 straight years.. Very Good Service and clean and fast to work.
I highly recommended ..


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